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We're approaching 5 years of service! We're planning to provide a total of 500 mental health and wellness sessions to the community by 2025.

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In 2020, Kinnect Wellness Network embarked on a transformative mission to reshape the landscape of wellness within Black and Brown communities. Recognizing the critical need for representation and culturally competent care, Kinnect began by fostering connections between individuals of the global majority, creating a network that resonates with shared experiences. Simultaneously, the organization committed to promoting financial equity and providing tailored training for wellness professionals in these communities, ensuring a foundation of understanding and empathy.

Since our inception, Kinnect has made significant strides in addressing the mental health disparities faced by Black and Brown teens in the Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) area. Over 300 therapy sessions have been provided by dedicated Black and Brown mental health professionals, marking a crucial step towards breaking down barriers to access. Encouraged by this success, Kinnect now aims to expand its impact by extending therapy services to both teens and adults, with the aspiration of delivering a total of 500 therapy sessions to community members seeking essential mental health support by 2025. Through our unwavering commitment to inclusivity and cultural sensitivity, Kinnect Wellness Network is poised to continue making a profound difference in the lives of those who need it most.